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 Intuit Business Solutions LLC product sourcing / Intuit Business  Solutions LLC contingency procurement services  is a global consulting  US based company that is driven by its unwavering commitment to total  customer satisfaction through delivery of reliable, rapid solutions,  cost-efficient and value-adding services while maintaining the highest  ethical standards. Among the smaller product sourcing companies, we  strive to be second to none. Our services are customized based on the  specific needs of the individual customer 

About Us


 At Intuit Business Solutions LLC, our goal is to become the leading  company of choice among product sourcing companies worldwide. 


Reliability – Provide trustworthy services
Agility – Deliver rapid solutions
Efficiency - Seek the best value for our customers
Integrity –Uphold high ethical standards

IBS does not replace your procurement organization or system

IBS provides a back-up sourcing solution

IBS is your PLAN B for your sourcing needs



  • Customized services
  • Individualized services based on company’s requests
  • Ability to source bulk or singular
  • Utilizes network of manufacturers and distributors that provide best possible value
  • Expedited delivery
  • Commission or flat fee based


Intuit Business Solutions LLC Contingency Procurement:

 Intuit Business Solutions LLC product sourcing services are  complemented by our uniquely specialized emergency sourcing services -  Intuit Business Solutions LLC contingency procurement  services: Customized assistance to customers in the event of unforeseen  or emergency situations, Unlike many other consulting product sourcing  companies that are focused on one particular product or industry, we are  able to provide our customers an array of product sources to choose  from and to assist with their needs no matter the industry or sector.


Agriculture, Forestry, & Fisheries

  Provide sourcing services to organizations in these sectors for the procurement of equipment, machinery, and other supplies for agricultural, as well as forestry and fishery products.  


  Facilitate ordering and delivery process of new or used vehicles from across the globe. We also, specialize sourcing hard-to-find automotive replacement parts from our reliable network of sources in North and Central America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. 

Disaster Response Equipment & Relief Supplies

  Disasters cannot be prevented but we can all be prepared before they strike. We assist with identifying and facilitate procurement of quality disaster relief products on the marketplace. 

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

  Work with nationally known food service manufacturers and suppliers regionally and internationally to obtain best value on the dollar for new and used commercial kitchen equipment.  

Durable Medical Equipment & Supplies

  Through our global network of durable medical equipment suppliers, we stand ready to assist with any of your sourcing needs. Whether you seek to equip a new office or need to source hard-to-find equipment or durable medical supplies, we're here to help. 

Law Enforcement Equipment

  Provide select sourcing services for the procurement of top quality police gear and police supplies (excludes firearms and ammunition) to law enforcement agencies 

Public Safety

 Reliable product sourcing for quality public safety equipment, gear, and apparel for Security Services, Fire Departments, Emergency Management Services, Corrections/Prisons, Public Transportation among others.  

Building and Construnction

 Using the best sources, suppliers, and vendors of materials, tools, equipment and machinery, we will ensure that you make added-value purchasing decisions for any project- residential, commercial or infrastructure.  

Wholesale Consumer Goods

Have a large volume purchase that you need help to efficiently and reliably fulfill? We facilitate the process from ordering to tracking and tracing shipments from point of sales to port, or door to door.

Health and Fitness

 Looking to set up a home exercise room, a health club, recreation center, hotel, wellness facilities? Let us assist with fulfilling your orders for premium fitness equipment, gear and all the supplies that you will need to complete your project.  

Computer and Electronic Products

 Through our vast network of vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers we facilitate process of sourcing technology equipment to include computers, components, software as well as electronics for organizations in both the private and public sectors.  

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